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There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I

Excerpt From My Novel: The Pastor Who Hated Church

Harvey Byrne entered and sat down. The two looked at each other in silence. Elvis noticed how old Harvey looked. Older that his fifty-seven years. “Know how long I’ve been doing this?” said Harvey. “No.” “Care to guess?” Elvis sighed. … Continue reading

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Proud Mothers

“Two sugars and milk,” smiled Winnie as she set down a cup of tea in front of Nancy. “Thank you, dear,” replied Nancy. She smiled back at her cousin. The two had tea together every Tuesday for the past thirty-seven … Continue reading

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Embrace The Crazy

Blake laughed as he sat at the table in the staff lounge of the city clerks office. “‘Sup, bro?” asked Rahim. “I think I attract crazy. I’m like a crazy magnet.” “Nah. Around here, crazy is normal,” said Rahim. “Oh … Continue reading

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Camp Meeting

Helen brought her mug of tea to the kitchen table and sat down. “We should do this more often.” “I know. Life gets so crazy, you know?” replied Kirsten. They both laughed. “I love these camp weeks. It’s like a … Continue reading

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The Break-up

Bruce arrived at Annie’s apartment after a long week at work. He couldn’t explain why, but working long hours in the summer was worse than in the winter. “I’m exhausted,” he complained. “Don’t tell me this. You know I’m not … Continue reading

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How The Government Really Works

Robin noticed a BMW turning right, took a three steps into traffic and got hit. It wasn’t hard enough to cause injury, but enough to infuriate. She smacked the hood of the BMW, causing a small dent just to the … Continue reading

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World Cup Fever

Steve bumped into Rob at the coffee shop on his way to work. Portuguese flags waved proudly from the windows of Rob’s car. “How’s it going’?” asked Rob as he joined the line. “Alright. You?” “Awesome.” After a few seconds … Continue reading

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First World Problems

“Did you get everything you need?” asked Nellie. “I think so. How about you?” replied Cassandra. Nellie looked through her cart full of purchases. “Yep. If I didn’t remember it, I probably didn’t need it.” They wove their way though … Continue reading

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He sat there, clicking the cap on his pen. On and off, on and off. He stared out the window at passersby, not noticing a single one of them. It was as though they were extras on the most boring … Continue reading

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The Power of a Little Blue Pill

In the twelve years he’d been with the company, Luciano had never been invited to a meeting with upper management. It happened to be the day after he threw out his back helping his brother move. Luciano stumbled into the … Continue reading

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