On Track

Four days into the contest and I’m on track.  To complete the marathon I need to write 1700 words a day.  I still need to write my daily requirement, but I’m moving along with the plot.


Most of the time I have to struggle against the annoying suspicion that I’m writing a bunch of drivel.  I question everything from the characters, the plot, and the themes.  That’s the danger of the marathon.  Writing demands precisely that- writing.  At this point it doesn’t really matter if its going to be the great novel or something what will line the bottom of the birdcage.  One of my favorite movies is “Finding Forrester”.  There is a scene with Jamal and Forrester sit down at their respective typewriters.  Forrester claims that the first rule of writing is to write.  Think with your heart, not with your head.  Thinking with your head comes later.  That seems to be the only effective way to succeed in this contest.  I’ve simply been writing.  Hopefully it will be something worth thinking about later.


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