Shock! Horror!! Dismay!!!

The official NaNoWriMo word counter has come online.  Having written copious amounts the past two weeks I was anxious to dump my efforts into the word counter for that eagerly anticipated confirmation.  True, I have not yet fulfilled the 50 000 word mark, but I was hoping to affirm my efforts to this point.

What did I discover?  My personal count differed from the official count by over 100 words!  My count was too high!  My own word processor deceived me.  Or, perhaps it’s the official word counter at the NaNoWriMo website.  Far be it that they should be wrong.  (Besides, am I really going to accuse the people who hold my NaNo fate in the balance?  I think not.)  My word processor, a ne’er do well of software.  I shake my fist in anger and defiance.  You shall not lead me astray.  Nay, I shall overcome the false hopes you give with your over inflated totals.  There will be no tears and mourning over the discovery of a failed literary marathon at the hands of your malevolent word counter.  Let my cry be words that shake your to your digital bones: 



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