Real Characters, Real Life

If everything continues as it should I will reach my 50k goal by Saturday.  I’ve excited to finish another NaNoWriMo, my second in two years.  But there’s an odd side effect to my completion.  I’m not sure why it should be different from last year, but I’m going to miss my characters.


Over the past months they’ve really become a part of my life.  I rooted for the relationship that blossomed between the main characters.  I’ve agonized with their struggles to deal with the foibles in their characters.  They’ve meant more to me than many of the real people in my life.  It’s funny how important fictional can become.  I’ve found that I would rather spend an afternoon in their lives than in my own familiar routine.  When this is over I’ll be forced back into the pattern that defines my regular life.


I can say this, however.  I’m the beneficiary of their experiences.  They’ve become part of my own story.  They’re part of my memories, my history.  I don’t know what will eventually become of these individuals, whether they will be part of any one else’s lives.  This month they’ve been some of the most important people in mine, and for that I’m truly blessed.


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