The Year of Reading NaNo

Now that NaNo is finished its time to reflect.  This year I’ve been amazed at the pockets of creativity- people using their talents to produce incredible artistic works.  It made me wonder what people produce in the 30 days of the NaNo marathon.


In this vein I have a proposition.  It would be interesting to read some the work produced through feverish effort of the NaNoWriMo.  I want to spend the year reading the NaNo novels.  If you are interested and willing please let me know and I’d love to read your work- no judgement, no criticism.  Just reading for the sake of enjoying the art of NaNo.  I have two conditions.  First, I would like to read your completed novel from NaNo ’08.  Please don’t ask me to read incomplete novels.  Second, you read my novel as well.


Novels are meant to be read. I suggest we share in each other’s NaNo ’08 victory.


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