Spending a month pouring yourself into a novel, the time comes when you hope against hope someone will actually want to read you creation.  So far I’ve asked five people to read “Cancel”.  A couple of days ago one finished it and offered some feedback.  She told me there were a lot of typos- which I expected from a first draught.  Besides that she said the plot moved a long and she could relate well to the story.  I should mention that I set the story in the city in which I live, so the places would be familiar to a local audience.  Her final comment was perhaps the most rewarding.  She said it was better than a lot of the stuff she reads.  I should also mention that this person reads novels voraciously.  Somewhere around three or four a week.  I’m not necessarily trying to create “The Great Canadian Novel”.  I’m keeping my expectations much lower.  So her conclusion was a great encouragement.


Tougher critics lay ahead…


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6 Responses to Feedback!

  1. Leigh Barlow says:

    I find that getting people to read my stuff is difficult, getting them to give feedback is even more difficult and getting real quality critiques is like diving for pearls. I’ve tried all sorts of things and it just seems to come down to luck. Even in writers groups or on web sites for writers finding people who can offer constructive criticism is hard.

    The life of an aspiring writer! Grrr! 😉

    • vanyieck says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve thought about contacting a literary agent to see what they say. I figure they’re interest is only in what will make them money so they’re motivated to be honest.

  2. mauthor says:

    i’m have written a book and i’m wondering if the five people you gave your book to were people you knew or strangers. I read in a writing book( forgot the name) that family and friends aren’t good critic because they would be afraid to hurt your feeling or something like that. Good luck on your book also.

    • vanyieck says:

      Of the five, three are family. One is a university professor and I think enjoys offering criticism. The other two I’m not so sure about. The two others are friends who’ve been helpful in the past. I don’t think their impartial, but hopefully they’ll be somewhat helpful.

  3. mauthor says:

    was your university professor helpful? were you nervous that he/she might steal your novel idea?( i also want someone to critic my book but don’t know who to do so).

  4. vanyieck says:

    I haven’t heard from my university professor brother as of yet. I’ll probably be calling him sometime this week for some feedback.

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