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Christmas is over and New Year’s Eve is at hand.  I’ve taken a couple of weeks away from my project and now its time to get back at it.  I’ve had several more responses from family and friends who’ve read my novel.  Some of them offered constructive criticism, but on the most part they were positive.  I can’t help but remember an observation that family and friends don’t provide the help necessary to publishing a novel.  They are too biased to be truly helpful.


That leads me to wonder what it does take to publish a novel.  I think it may be publishable, but how do I get it in the hands of people who’d know?  It seems to be a matter of who you know more that what you know.  Granted, I am assuming that what I know is sufficient to enter the literary fray.  If I’m going to find out I’ll need to subject my work to the callous eyes of the publishing industry.  From the outside it appears that they have no desire to entertain the whims of the hopeful.  They’re solely motivated by what will make money for their publishing house.  The question remains, would my novel make enough money to justify being published?


All of this is moot until I edit my novel and take the risk of submission.  First things first.


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