Helvetica- The Font of Champions

I probably shouldn’t admit this because it reveals my inner geek, but the other day I watched a documentary on the helvetica font.  I learned how it was developed at the Hess type foundry by Max Meidinger nearly sixty years ago.  It has grown to become the most popular font in the world.  What I found particularly amazing is the passion with which people approach the different type fonts I see every day and take for granted.  Letters combine to make words and words express ideas.  What I hadn’t considered was the role the letters make is conveying ideas.  Graphic artists make their livings developing new fonts to help convey substance into meaning.  These folks have such a profound understanding of type that they can identify fonts at a glance.


Helvetica’s popularity is based in its simplicity.  It’s a clean font that is both serious and elegant.  It’s a san serif font, which means it lacks the flourish of fonts like Times New Roman.  It’s clarity makes it ideal for street signs.  After watching the documentary I was astounded at the prevalence of the font in my life.  It’s like a hidden traveler in my daily journey.  It watches over me, providing direction and wisdom as I move through my life.  It is a harbinger of truth.  Helvetica may be too common for some, perhaps lacking individuality and expression.  I think we need the certainty and simplicity of Helvetica.  It is the basis upon which individuality and creativity may be explored.  It is a comforting font.  A mien of stability in a uncertain world.


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