In a fight with a deadline

This week I’ve been working on a story I plan to read in front of an audience Sunday night. It’s been an ongoing project over the past two months. Its funny how I’ve had all that time to work out this story and here I am, a couple of days from the deadline and I’m still writing. I once heard someone say that if it wasn’t for deadlines, nothing would get done.

Today I split my day between writing and pacing. My writing looked more like spasms of pen on Moleskine. The rest of the time I burned excess energy. This story has been a real fight. It’s not that I don’t know what to write. The fight has been in the actual writing. Perhaps its a form of self-doubt, perhaps its just a fight with the english language. I’m not really sure.

At any rate, I progressed through the story and am in sight of the finish. And none too soon. Hopefully, given the time, I should be able to present it as the sixth story of the series.


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2 Responses to In a fight with a deadline

  1. thesunlitdesk says:

    Pressure is a great motivator – the brain seems to thrive on stress when it needs to activate the creative juices. Good luck with the reading.

  2. vanyieck says:

    Thanks. I’ll most likely throw up a post about the evening.

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