The latest performance

I completed another story in my series “The Rembrandt Parables”. Last night I read it before an audience to what I consider mixed reviews. It’s amazing how a tepid reaction can affect a month’s work. Instead of a feeling of satisfaction, I returned home with an insatiable desire to start my next story. I assume its a need to redeem my last story. The irony of the situation is that it wasn’t that people disliked the story. They just didn’t like it as much as I hoped they would.

I really need to stop over analyzing this.


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2 Responses to The latest performance

  1. This is only a suggestion – I wasn’t there and you know more than I do – but is it possible you are projecting your own indifference to the story onto your audience?

    • vanyieck says:

      That’s quite possible. I really struggled to put this story together and I wasn’t completely confident in the outcome.

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