My car was hit by a falling tree.

The other night our city was hit with a violent windstorm. It only lasted a couple of minutes. I was sitting in my office when, without warning, a violent wind swept across the yard, bending trees and sending objects flying across the yard. After it hit I went outside to assess the damage. There I saw it. Two large branches from a one hundred year old maple tree we lying across my car. It was the kind of sight that causes your heart to drop. It created all sorts of small dents and scratches on the hood and roof.

I’ve come to learn that my auto insurance doesn’t cover this sort of damage. All I can do is growl in disapproval and frustration.



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One Response to My car was hit by a falling tree.

  1. Ouch, very sorry to hear about your car, frustrated for you about the insurance – cretins! I also feel bad for the 100 year old maple.

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