Free will, evil and The Shack

Tonight I watched the movie Sahara. Sometimes its fun to watch a light action/comedy where deep thought is unnecessary. Compare that with the novel I’ve been reading, The Shack. The plot of The Shack centers around the Mac, a father who lost his daughter to a serial killer. The thrust of the novel is the time Mac spends back at the shack where his daughter was murdered. It’s during this period that he meets with the three personifications of the Trinity.

The dialogue between the a grieving father and the God he blames for his daughter’s death is engrossing. The novel’s author, William P. Young, handles the subject with a lot of gentleness. He doesn’t make light of a difficult subject. What I particularly appreciate is how he doesn’t allow God to take all the blame for society’s ills. If we believe in personal free will, (as I suspect most people do), then is it reasonable to lay blame at the feet of God when it belongs in the hearts of the individuals who have abused their own free will? Also, can we justify blaming God for allowing both the positive and negative elements of personal choice?

Humanity has always struggled with the concept of a benevolent God when confronted with the reality of evil. I don’t think The Shack solves all the problems. It does succeed in providing a voice in God’s defense.<em


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