Meaningful inconveniences

Today we were driving home when my wife noticed an elderly woman sitting on a sidewalk in front of a seniors residence. It had been raining earlier that evening. On her suggestion we stopped to investigate. As it turned out, she was an 89 year old woman who had fallen and was bleeding from a deep cut on her nose. As my wife addressed her wounds I called for an ambulance. Before long the elderly woman was receiving much needed medical attention.

This incident led me to the conclusion that everything in life of any meaning is inconvenient. For this woman to receive any care it was necessary for someone to break from their own schedule and offer assistance. It’s an inconvenience, but one of great importance. Considering how we as a society covet convenience, I wonder how often we lose out on worthwhile activities. Spiritual growth requires spiritual discipline. Relationships take time and effort. Education forces us to study. Career advancement causes us to make sacrifices in other areas of life. We choose better neighbourhoods that may require us to commute to work. Helping those in need when we could be doing some else more enjoyable. All of these are meaningful inconveniences.

I didn’t relate this story to make ourselves look good to the world. I mention this because it was a meaningful inconvenience. It was perhaps the most important thing I did this whole week.


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One Response to Meaningful inconveniences

  1. jenniferneri says:

    “It was perhaps the most important thing I did this whole week.” Sounds like it. I like this post – sometimes we need a reminder – thanks!

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