Ah, the rewards of gardening

Yesterday morning I was making breakfast for the kids. Instead of the usual breakfast cereal or toast, I went out to the garden and picked raspberries. The kids feasted on fresh picked homegrown berries for breakfast.

I love the feeling of satisfaction that comes in enjoying the bounty of my garden.


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2 Responses to Ah, the rewards of gardening

  1. jenniferneri says:

    Vanyieck, you have just described one my favorite moments! We have a blackberry bush in the back, and the kids just gobble them up. I love having the kids rummage through the garden and pick chard and beans. Can’t wait for the the tomatoes – nothing quite like a home grown tomato!

  2. I do envy you your garden, Vanyieck. Funny how you covet what you can’t have . . . Raspberries are hard to grow in suburban backyards in Queensland. We have an avocado tree in the back yard that drops twice a year, but mostly I grow herbs and native shrubs. Enjoy those home-grown berries.

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