What happens when you like your characters more than the people in real life?

That question hit me as I was wandering around town this beautiful sunny afternoon. I was letting my mind wander and found myself thinking about some of the characters I’ve created in my various stories. I wondered what they’d be doing were they in my situation. Since all of my stories are set in real locations around my city, I could even imagine them living their lives and enjoying their day like me.

It was at this point that I wondered if I’d crossed over into some strange world where my characters are more important than the real people in my life. In one sense I suppose its a good thing. It would be difficult to write about characters for whom I have no affinity. I suppose it also means I like the world of my stories more than the real world. Or perhaps its just that I’d like to see the real world become something more like the world of my imagination. Would that make me a visionary or simply delusional?

Now that I look back on it, there is something therapeutic about my day dreaming. Its something we all do when we following the fictional characters of a good book or a TV series. In my case the characters are those of my own creation. But that’s something I’ve done my whole life. In grade two I read my first story in front of the class. It was called Mr. Fast. It was pure joy to create that story. The story is long gone but the feeling still survives. It was the feeling I had this afternoon thinking about my characters. Its a big reason I still write, if for no one else but me and my afternoon daydream.


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