First foray into Christmas shopping

Tonight we went out with the express purpose of Christmas shopping. Alas, it won’t be my last. As one who eschews commercialism, Christmas has become a mixed blessing. The rampant growth of consumerism is frightening, especially this holiday season, when the powers that be hope that we common folk will help purchase our way out of the recession. Lest we forget that the common folk are already financially stressed due to cut backs and job losses. Lest we also forget that shiny packages topped with bows do not produce joy.

Tomorrow I’ll need to head out for another foray into the consumer wilderness. I’ll help to buy Canada out of it’s recession and I’ll secure temporary happiness for my children. I’ll do it, but I won’t enjoy it.


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2 Responses to First foray into Christmas shopping

  1. flyingfreedomxx says:

    Hi there, its amazing how much Christmas shopping starts so early each year. I am in the UK and the American commercialism of shopping and retail has crossed over the water. This year I have decided to not do Christmas in the normal sense. I told all my family I am not buying them gifts and instead I am painting each of them a painting. I feel this immense feeling of relief from doing so. No trawling through shopping malls to find a perfect gift, no wasteful packing and purchases that they probably wont use but heartfelt gift giving. I am feeling the commercial side of the season is too much for me now. Hope your Christmas experience is a graceful one.

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