The shifting role of books

I don’t believe that books will disappear, but they will forgo their role as primary medium for literature. My generation saw a shift when the internet rose to prominence. Many said that television would become obsolete. What it did was adapt to the shifting role. Radio did the same. So did movies. It’s about culture. The generation of my children are used to communicating in front of a computer screen. In fact, it’s more important than telephone. (Consider the importance of qwerty and texting with hand held devices.) Such familiarity makes them open for new technologies based on digital format. Reading online is a natural progression.

Books will continue to exist, but as one expert predicted, they will become singular editions of art. They will be produced in limited printings with added artistic features. I’m not sure he’s correct, but what he suggests is what I believe. Books will adapt. People still crave the tactile experience offered by books. But they will not be the medium of school children and university students. For utilitarian purposes, ebooks are more adaptable and more practical.


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