Art as intrinsic value

I believe and artist shouldn’t be measured merely by public recognition and accolade. If success were thus defined then the painter Vincent Van Gogh and writer Franz Kafka would be abject failures. But history does not view them as such.

An artist is a success because they create. There’s an inherent risk to creating art. A creation may not become what the artist hoped to create. It may receive negative criticism. Those results, however, don’t make the work of art a failure. Every act of creation is a learning experience. We grow when we create something new. We grow when we persevere with our art. Everything of great value comes through perseverance. If the creation of art were easy it would become common and meaningless.

Considering negative criticism, it’s easy in comparison to creation. There is little risk to criticism. It offers nothing to the world. Criticism leaves nothing edifying behind.

Art is valuable simply because it is.

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2 Responses to Art as intrinsic value

  1. jenniferneri says:

    “An artist is a success because they create” – very true. And very encouraging. Great thougths.

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