Time for a brief pause

Instead of adding another chapter of my micro-novel, I’ve decided to take a moment to reflect on the process. This is, after all, an experiment of sorts. It seems appropriate to ponder the results.

The immediate discovery is how difficult it is to develop plot, characters and themes in such compact prose. That’s not even to assume any less effort required to establish each of these three literary elements. This novel has consumed far more time than I had intended. The other week I found myself wondering if it was worth so much effort producing a work that would never be considered publishable beyond my own little blog. I arrived at the conclusion that the value of this project, as I’ve come to believe is true for all writing, is primarily grounded in the author. A novel is most valuable to it’s creator. We hope others will find it likewise. But a novel can never be worth anything to anyone else unless it has first found value by it’s author.

The other discovery is the pleasure and frustration that describe the process. I’ve written the first draft of a conventional novel, so this isn’t my initial discovery. This micro-novel simply confirms what I’ve aleady experienced. The concept that has become so valuable the past month or so is perseverance. Anything of value, personal or otherwise, is difficult. If it were easy it would be common and cheap. This novel has significant personal value. Persevering through the process to it’s completion will only increase that value. Writing a novel, even a micro-novel, is a marathon. As far as I’m concerned, everyone who completes one is a success. Publishing a novel is an entirely different race.

Tomorrow I’ll resume posting chapters of my micro-novel. I hope you enjoy.

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1 Response to Time for a brief pause

  1. jenniferneri says:

    well, What a spot to leave us hanging!

    I think that the excercise is a wonderful one – sounds like you have learned so much from it. I think in a writer’s life there is so much that we do that will never be seen beyong ourselves, but without having produce such creations I do not think the next ones would be of the same quality.

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