My computer broke down/Chickadees in a Maple

I had an older Macbook. It’s been my trusty writing companion for over five years. I returned from Write! Canada to discover the touchpad was periodically malfunctioning. Two days later the keyboard also started to fail. I was deeply concerned. I have a novel to rework. It’s amazing how dependent we are on our computers.

Last night I replaced my old Macbook with an new one. This post is my first attempt to write with my new toy, er, computer.

While at the conference, Ginger Kolbaba gave us an assignment to write about a personal experience between sessions. The following is my attempt:

Between sessions I stopped to watch the trees. In the branches above my head the chickadee’s dance and played. They were so fragile and innocent compared to the immense, old and wizened maple. The sun sent waves of blessing over the scene.

Two chickadees chased each other in a joyous ballet. One hung beneath a branch, playing hide and seek with the other.

Something fell from the branch. It was too small to be a leaf. Four feet from my head I was slapped with comprehension. I stepped aside, narrowly avoiding a liquid splat. Stupid birds.


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One Response to My computer broke down/Chickadees in a Maple

  1. I love it! It is a playful bit of writing–a snapshot in time that makes me smile.

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