Men of God- a guest blog post by Benjamin T. Collier

When asked which Christian writers have been most influential to me personally, the first name that came to mind was John Eldredge. Particularly his books Wild at Heart and Way of the Wild Heart, which deal with the question of what God designed men to be according to the scriptures, and what men can do to live that kind of life today.

As a struggling Christian guy who lacked initiation growing up, these books helped to answer a lot of questions I had about what a man of God looks like, how far away I was from that goal, and whether or not I was even on the right track. They also helped to clarify a lot of questions I had in my heart but couldn’t articulate, about love, relationships, the role of God as a Father, and how God really saw me.

John also has a writing personality that just makes you want to get to know the guy. He’s an outdoorsman who opens up a lot of chapters with descriptions of some of the places he’s been. One would expect his books to focus entirely on the “macho” aspects being a man of God, and yet the case is far from it. In his books Eldredge addresses masculinity in all its biblical forms. I didn’t know it was possible to be an artist and still be “a man” until I read John’s books, and was reminded that the great warrior King David was a much celebrated poet.

John Eldredge’s books have been instrumental in my life by helping me realize where I am in my spiritual walk and the kind of man that God has called me to be.

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2 Responses to Men of God- a guest blog post by Benjamin T. Collier

  1. It was so interesting to read about what John Eldridges writing means to you Benjamin and what a nice surprise to have a chance to read something that you wrote, too.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Thank you Belinda 🙂

    I also recommended Wild At Heart to my sister. As a married woman with two sons and no daughters, she found herself as the only girl in a testosterone-filled environment that she didn’t understand. Quite a switch from the mostly female environment that she and I grew up in. Wild At Heart helped her to underastand what all those play battles are about.

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