Where is the counter culture?

The other week I was watching the protesters at the G20 summit in Toronto. Between the innumerable dissenting groups and the hired hooligans, I began to wonder about the nature of counter culture in the 21st century. What constitutes a counter culture? Traditional counter culture was based on one key assumption, that there exists a majority and a minority which resists against the majority. In the 21st century we have a series of minority groups vying for power and control. The majority is a straw man, a fictitious opponent against which to react. The minority groups, serve their own special interests. The modern ‘man’, the government is an extension of the special interest groups. Consider the rise of regional parties at the federal level of the Canadian government. The federal government is a microcosm of the greater society.

All this leads me to the inevitable question, what constitutes the counter culture of the 21st century? I covet your comments and ideas.


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