James H. Wardroper’s “The Michmash Chroncles”- a review

Being a history nut, I was interested in delving into James Wardroper’s historical epic The Michmash Chronicles: Bearers of the Light. It spans one hundred and thirty years of Christian history in Britain beginning after the fall of Rome. It’s a sweeping narrative that follows the establishment of the Christian kingdom of Michmash, from the earliest days of it spiritual development to it’s struggle to assert itself against the Saxon threat.

James Wardroper has a profound sense of history and theology. His initial characters, two junior monks named Justin and Linus, travel from Britain to Jerusalem while subsequently taking their own journey from Pelagianism to a more evangelical view of the Gospel. Along the way they meet and are influenced by key figures in Christian history. Their spiritual journey leads them back to Britain and ultimately to the formation of a Christian community. Two generations later, that community becomes a kingdom founded on Christian principles, challenged by the turbulence of the early middle ages. The story itself moves briskly in a manner befitting a docudrama. It guides the reader along to the very end.

If theology and historical acuity are James Wardroper’s strengths, dialogue is his weakness. The dialogue of the story tends to be overly formal and occasionally cumbersome, especially during periods of romance. There is also little in the way of interpersonal conflict. Politics and interpersonal tension are at a minimum. Instead, James Wardroper directs his attention toward triumph of Christian principles over heresy and the chaos of historical transition.

This is the first in a series of stories that carries the reader through Christian history. I look forward to following the developments of the Michmash dynasty. (The Michmash Chronicles is published through Essence Publishing ISBN 155452506-3 42095.)


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6 Responses to James H. Wardroper’s “The Michmash Chroncles”- a review

  1. I passed a link to the review to Meg Wardroper, a friend, occasional writer on Whatever He Says, and Jim’s wife so that they would know about it. The review made me want to read my copy of the book sooner than later!

  2. Jim Wardroper says:

    Thank you for your review of my book: The Michmash Chronicles, Book 1 “Bearers of the Light.” As you pointed out it is a book with message and a purpose. Too many Christians have no idea of where the church been the past 1900 years. People onlyo seem to know the apostolic age and the present century, whereas there has been a rich history of great people and amazing deeds, not to mention the perilous times that the church has gone through, and I want people to know all about these.
    I am glad that you are looking forward to reading the rest of the story, despite the heavy style. Perhaps I should mention that interpersonal relationships, (particularly in a world where romances were under patriarchial control) would have been different in those days.
    Two more books have already been written and the last one is nearing completion, but self-publication is an expensive business. I hope to publish Book 2 as soon as an adequate number of copies of the prsent book have been sold.

    We are heading to Britain tomorrow for 25 days. My wife will do a little email at internet cafes but we will be busy seeing friends and family and touring. I would be interested in any further comments you can make, as I find them helpful. Meg will check my email for me and I can respond if you write. Otherwise, I will be back at my computer after the 27th of August. Blessings, Jim

    • Holly Reynolds says:

      Hi Jim,
      Not sure if you will get this or not, but I just read your first book in the chronicles. I found the book at my in-laws in their bookshelf. I LOVED the book! The history is fascinating! Where can I get book 2? Is it out yet?

      • vanyieck says:

        I’m glad you enjoyed the novel. I reviewed Jim Wardroper’s novel after I met him a couple of years ago. As far as I know, his second novel has not yet been released.

  3. very interesting post – I also appreciated the author’s comments –

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