The Keys to Failure

I don’t really know any keys to success, mainly because I haven’t experienced any success. I have however, learned a few keys to failure. They’re lessons learned through a hard head and stubborn will. Hopefully they will serve inspiration to embrace the joys of mediocrity and frustration.

1. Don’t try. If you simply think about doing something without ever making an attempt, failure is assured.

2. Don’t fail. I believe many (most?) people who don’t try do so simply because they’re afraid they won’t succeed. Failure is viewed as a wasted effort, an affront to personal esteem and self-worth. They believe that those who are failures are somehow less valuable than those who are perceived as successful. In reality, failure is part of a process. Failure instructs, defines and guides us on the path to success. (At least that’s what I hope.)

3. Don’t risk. At some point we must present ourselves before public scrutiny. Some want us to succeed. (Thanks, mom.) Many won’t. Those who don’t seek opportunities to criticize and demean. That’s simply a fact of life. We risk that our best is as good as we hope. We risk that what we do finds value in others. If we choose not to risk, we may avoid criticism, but we also abandon the possibility of success.

4. Don’t learn. Assume you already know everything there is to know. This frees you to stagnate. It also prevents others from offering guidance based on their wisdom and experience.

Those are the keys to failure that I’ve learned over the years. Hopefully they may serve as a guide for others to follow. Then again, if you follow number 4, then you already knew these keys and think my post is redundant. If so, congratulations. You’re already there.

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1 Response to The Keys to Failure

  1. Ha ha! Funny AND wise at the same time. Definitely a successful post. 🙂

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