I don’t know the meaning of the word quit! (That’s because I don’t own a dictionary)

The story I posted as a submission to storypraxis produced little feedback. Actually, it received no feedback whatsoever. Undeterred, I’ve continued the story today under the prompt irascible. Here it is:

Lady Jane woke up with her head in pea soup. The fog made it impossible to make out the figure seated by the door. The pounding in her head helped clarify the situation.

“Jane,” he hissed. “I’m so relieved to see you awake. I wasn’t sure how much powder to use. It was worried I’d done you in.”

“Sure you were.” Jane was cursing herself for being so stupid as to waltz right into Red’s trap.

“Don’t be mad. You’re no good to me dead,” said Red Gorilla.

“Oh yeah? I figure you’d jump at the chance at axing the girl who sold you out.” Jane’s head was still spinning.

“Revenge? You think this is about revenge?” he laughed. “There’s no money in revenge.”

“There’s no money in impotence, either.” Jane said.

Red’s right meathook plowed across her jaw. The new sound in her head was the cracking of two molars. It was a vicious reminder of his nuclear irascibility.

Jane spat out blood and a couple of teeth on the floor. “You should’ve let sleeping dogs lie,” she snarled.

“I’ll let you sleep, you-” Red said as he kicked away his chair.

At that moment a woman opened the door.

“Red,” she said sweetly, “that’s no way to treat our guests.”

to be continued…


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