Lady Jane and the Red Gorilla- chapter 3

The source of the interruption looked like June Cleaver on Prozac. She hardly seemed like Red’s type, Jane thought.

“Who are you?” Jane asked.

“I’m sorry,” she replied. “I was so concerned about Red’s manners I forgot my own. I’m Holly Hobby.” She held out her hand for Jane, then blushed. “Silly me, trying to shake your hand with you all tied up like that. Sometimes I can be such a goose.”

In a gesture that would make Galahad proud, Red grabbed her outstretched hand and kissed it. Holly smiled and gave Red a curtsey.

“I think I’d rather be unconscious,” said Jane.

“Oh no, that won’t do,” said Holly.

After a moment, Jane asked, “So, what’s your story? How’d a nice girl like you get mixed up with a mook like Red?” Her throbbing head demanded answers.

“We’re business partners. I’m a baker of sorts,” explained Holly.

“Poison,” said Jane.

“No silly,” said Holly with a giggle, “high explosives.”

Jane shot Red a look of disbelief. She’d shoot him with something else, but a look was all she had at that moment.

“What’s the game?” she asked Red.

Red sent up a self-satisfied smile. “Risk,” he said.

“I prefer Monopoly,” said Jane.

“You’re going to help us with a little assignment,” added Holly.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” asked Jane defiantly. It’d be a cold day in Jamaica before I helped this pair of nut cases, she thought to herself.

“You’re going to help us kill the mayor.”

to be continued…


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