Lady Jane and the Red Gorilla- chapter 4

“And what if I don’t help you?” Jane asked.

“Oh, you are so silly,” said Holly. “If you protect him, he dies. If you stay away, he dies. There’s no way to avoid it.”

Jane glared at Red. There was no way this was his idea. Not something this devious. He was so dumb he made imperfection and art form.

“You see,” continued Holly, “certain people are quite eager to see the mayor resign permanently, if you get my drift. And they’re willing to pay quite handsomely for it. You’ve been protecting that crook and the city for years. It seemed the best way to get you out of the way is to make you an accessory.”

“But now that I know,” protested Jane.

“It changes nothing. In fact, it helps expedite our plans. Knowing you, you’ll feel some perverse obligation to save the day. That only makes our job easier.”

Holly giggled and skipped out of the room. Jane had a strong desire to wipe the smug little grin off her cute little face. She wouldn’t get the chance, at least not for now. Red threw more white powder in Jane’s face. Again she cursed Red as she returned to Lala land.

Jane woke up in her own bed, feeling like a herd of elephants had tap danced on her head. She lay there wondering about her next move. She felt like the proverbial ice was cracking beneath her feet and she was about to take a frozen bath.

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2 Responses to Lady Jane and the Red Gorilla- chapter 4

  1. jenniferneri says:

    Are you going to go on?? I’ve just now read your 4 sections. They’re fun – very different from Benevolence, yet kind of similar.

    • vanyieck says:

      I’ve been debating whether or not to continue. I have a few ideas for the story, but I wasn’t sure it was compelling enough.

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