Hector- today’s storypraxis prompt

The following is a brief history of Hector, Texas, population 866. The town was established in 1845 by decorated Texas war hero Aloyisious Hector. Captain Hector rose to prominence at the battle of Peyote Springs in the summer of 1843.

Leading a scouting party of fifteen men, Captain Hector spotted a contingent of the Mexican Army marching through Apaloosa canyon towards an unsuspecting and under equipped Texan force let by Jedadiah Waco. The Mexican force of 4500 men, led by General Enrique Iglesias, camped at the cold water spring that served as the source of the Apaloosa river.

Applying his unique knowledge of indigenous medicine, Captain Hector led a daring and successful night mission, tainting the spring with peyote they had discovered and prepared in the surrounding canyon. Adapting the strategy of the Biblical character Gideon, he and his men waved torches and blew trumpets from the surrounding hillsides, creating panic in the Mexican army, causing them to flee back toward the Rio Grande river.

Captain Hector established Fort Gideon on former site of the Mexican camp, taking advantage of both the cold water spring and ample supply of peyote. The town was established two years later and still celebrates the founding of their town in a raucous and somewhat legal three week long peyote festival.

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