My dirty little secret

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog article that I think is too extreme to post. It’s not that I see myself as particularly controversial. I think that most of us, deep down, hold views that would not be considered ‘politically correct’. Human nature is filled with dissenting views and contrary opinions. I’m not speaking about being racist or anything, just not in harmony with the views of the various forms of media.

In short, I am a Canadian but I am not a socialist. I don’t believe that government intervention is beneficial to society. In fact, governments tend towards corruption, waste, and overspending. When it comes to social services, governments may have the best of intentions, but their execution of social programs leaves much to be desired.

I’ve heard it said that it would be better to have a mismanaged social safety net than not safety net at all. I disagree. A mismanaged safety net not only fails to provide adequate services, it wastes the opportunity to apply funding in appropriate ways.

There you have it. That’s my dirty little secret. I’ve been an eye witness of too many poorly run, corrupt government programs to ever hold to a socialist position. Now I feel better.


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