For an audience of one

(Written in the middle of the night)

I’m sitting in a lonely hospital lobby wasting time. I’ve pulled out my pen and notebook hoping to discover something worth writing. I suppose, given enough effort, I can fill a page or two. The words will not likely count for much since it’s pushing 3 am and I’m desperately tired. At best I’m hoping for a minimal level of coherence.

It’s November 6th, almost a week into National Novel Writing Month. This is the second year I’ve opted out. The two years prior I successfully completed the marathon. At this time I’m not interested in writing for writing’s sake. Now I seek focus. I want to write with purpose.

Evaluating my motives for writing, I’ve reached the conclusion there are two legitimate reasons to write. One is for myself. The other is for God’s glory. The Rembrandt Parables I write are written for God’s glory. That creates a unique question. If my writing is for God’s glory, does it matter if anyone else reads it? It matters to me. I want my stories to reach a wider audience. How do I do that? This I do not know.

Marketing. What makes an author widely read is marketing. From what I understand, three things make up good marketing. The first is a good product. I don’t know what the other two are. My usual fall back position is to return to what I know. Here’s what I know: write the Rembrandt Parables for God’s glory. So all I have is an audience of one. I probably won’t become widely read. Perhaps I should change my focus, not worry about marketing or seeking a wider audience and settle for an audience of one.


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