Three spiritual books that I think everyone should read

The other day Mags Storey posted on Facebook that she was asked what three spiritual books she thinks everyone should read. That made me wonder what I’d put on such a list. It took a couple of days and a few revisions, but I’ve finally compiled my list. I’ve decided that over then next few days I’ll post what spiritual books I think everyone should read and why.

Book One: The Gospel of John

I know, why not read the whole Bible since it’s packed with all sorts of spiritual goodness. Although that’s true, most people won’t. How many well intentioned readers start with Genesis only to get bogged down by genealogies? Those who persevere crash out at the Psalms (all 150 of them) or the prophets.

If you want to read the Bible, why not get right to the point? Simply stated, John is a literary masterpiece. It’s a work of complex theology borne out of an elegant narrative. He uses his unique position as one of Jesus’ inner circle to reveal aspects of Jesus’ ministry overlooked by the other Gospels. He begins his work with the premise that Jesus is the Word, the Son of God and saviour of the world. He spends the rest of the opus proving his premise, using only seven miracles and powerful “I am” statements.

Often subtle, occasionally disturbing, the gospel of John provides the clearest picture of Jesus Christ in the entire Bible. If you want to know the reason for my faith, read John.

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