Christmas Benediction 2010

How easy it is become wrapped in the frivolities of the Christmas season. Mawkish media displays and consumer hype distract us with fleeting pleasures and hollow presents. Christmas becomes an event wrapped in glossy paper, lying under a synthetic tree. It is a celebration ignored by wise men and humble shepherds, for in this there is no real hope.

Instead, may this Christmas season be one of redemption. Just as the shepherds did not squander the opportunity to discover the hope of the world, may we rediscover the greatest gift ever given. Just as the Magi journeyed vast distances to worship the Christ child, may we persevere in our faith so that one day we, too, may bow before our King. Just as Elizabeth shared in the blessing of Mary’s child, may we share in the blessing of serving the King. And in serving, may we be a blessing to a world that still needs to discover the saviour. Amen.


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2 Responses to Christmas Benediction 2010

  1. buttermilk80 says:

    There is a power we have, in Christ Jesus, to be more than man. If we spoke to the world about how to tie shoes we would be like them in our learning and understanding. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see any books on “Tying Shoes for Dummies”. But we serve the Lord of Glory and that makes us more than man. We have every right and even an obglation to render His words without apologies or an air of equality. Let us encourage as ones who know the “verdict” against the wicked. It seems the world is aware of the Love of God but has forgotten (conviently) the price for rebellion. Christmas has become a pagent of wordly lust. We have every right to speak otherwise.

    By His Grace.

  2. I do so like your writing style.

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