Failure, success and things that bind them

Why is failure considered such a terrible evil? Many sports for children don’t keep score so that no one loses. I know of schools that don’t offer failing grades. Instead, failing students are sent to remedial classes and advanced with their peers, even though they may not be prepared.

It seems like we’re so concerned with self-esteem (whatever that is) that we’ve tried to eliminate the possibility of failure altogether.

People don’t lose. They’re not allowed to. They’re not supposed to. Losing is failure and failure is evil. All we must do is remember that we can do anything if we really believe we can.

Ironically, the inability to fail undermines the value of success. Remember when high school graduates were rare? Then it became university graduates. Now that they’re abundant in our society they’re far less valuable. Cheap success is not the antithesis of failure. It’s the complement to failure.

I would like to know why failure is considered so dangerous. Failure drives society. It propels us forward. It can be bitter, distasteful and demoralizing. Failure can also be energizing and educating. Truly successful people are intimately acquainted with failure. It’s the failure that forces them to improve, to grow beyond mere talent. Failure refines ability like exercise strengthens a muscle.

True failures quit, refuse to grow or risk new ideas.

Success is sweeter because failure is always an option. But if you fail, just remember, you’re a failure only until your next attempt.


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