The Negotiation- a short story

It’s not like you’re asking me for change. Arrangements need to be made, details sorted out. This is a marriage we’re talking about,” said Mrs. Jakes.

Theresa sat across from her with a look of determination. “Alright, what’s it gonna take?”

Mrs. Jakes looked skyward. If she played her cards right, she’d still have a say in her son’s future. “Visitation rights,” she said.

“Okay,” nodded Theresa. “How often?”

“Special occasions, of course, plus four times a week.”

“No way. We’ll be newlyweds. Twice a week, days of my choosing and you call first,” said Theresa.

“My boy still needs her mother. Three times a week. I’ll let you have a phone call, but I get to bring food,” said Mrs. Jakes.

Theresa thought for a minute. “Fine. But for two years. No more.”

“What about when you have children? I’ll want to see my grandchildren,” said Mrs. Jakes.

“Whoa, hold on. There’s another thing. No mentioning kids. At all. Ever.”

“Why not? It’s not just about you, you know. I want grandchildren while I’m still young enough to enjoy them. Maybe three,” said Mrs. Jakes.

Theresa rolled her eyes. There was more to this than she anticipated.

“I know this is changing the subject, but I think we need to discuss a couple of my concerns. I’ve been clipping his toe nails for him. Todd has very sensitive toes. I need to know you’ll take care of him,” said Mrs. Jakes.


“Raising a husband is a lot of work. If you want to back out, I’d be happy to take him back,” said Mrs. Jakes.

Theresa played with the engagement ring on her finger. With great privilege comes great responsibility. Theresa needed to figure out just how much responsibility she wanted.

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