The Interweb

Luther and Ed met at Arbuckle’s Coffee Shop on the town square every morning since they both retired from the salt mine six years ago. They usually commiserated about the weather, local gossip, the mine, and how everything was better back in the day. That all changed one ordinary Tuesday morning.

Luther entered Arbuckle’s to discover Ed sitting in front of a laptop computer.

“What’d you got now?” snapped Luther.

“It’s my new computer. The kids gave it to me for my last birthday,” said Ed.

“Why’d you bring it here?”

“Arbuckle’s got WIFI.”

“What’s WIFI?”

Ed stared out the window intently. “It stands for ‘World Internet Federation Information’, or somethin’,” explained Ed.

“The interweb? Here in the coffee shop? That just ain’t right. No, sir,” said Luther, shaking his head.

“It’s not just the interweb. It’s the outerweb, too. You know, the world web. And I tell ya, it’s amazin’. Look at all this virtual reality,” said Ed, wide eyed with excitement.

“What’s wrong with actual reality? And what’s so great about virtual reality? Ya can’t drink coffee virtually,” said Luther.

“No, but I can see a picture of you drinking coffee. See? It’s right here in Google maps. There you are,” said Ed as he pointed to a picture of Luther in his blue coveralls, sitting with his back to the window of Arbuckle’s.

Luther wheeled around and scoured the streets, “How’d you do that?”

“Amazin’, eh? There’s more. Check this out,” said Ed as he clicked to another website. “I swallowed a camera at my doctor’s the other day. This website let’s me see where it is in my body.”

“That does no earthly good,” snapped Luther.

“Really? This replaces an endoscopy. Don’t you have one of those coming up?”

“Let me see that,” said Luther as he grabbed at the computer. “And it doesn’t hurt?”

Ed smiled. “Not a bit.”

Luther stared at the screen with fresh wonder. “Computer, eh?”

The next morning Luther arrived early at Arbuckle’s carrying his own laptop computer. He set it down on the counter and asked the waitress, “What kind of camera do I need to swallow to avoid an endoscopy?”


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One Response to The Interweb

  1. Mr. T says:

    Well! Swallowing my Canon Rebel camera would be a whole lot more painful than having the endoscopy. Ouch!

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