Beautiful People and Their Tragedies

Sasha Koivov carried two cups of coffee to her table. Fairley Seilke was waiting with tears welling up in her young, beautiful, blue eyes. Sasha braced for the latest episode in Fairley’s long history of tragedies.

“Here you go,” said Sasha as she placed a cup in front of Fairley.

“Thanks,” said Fairley. She stared at the coffee, then sobbed.

“Tell me about it,” Sasha said warmly. In truth, Sasha was deeply jealous of Fairley. She was stunningly beautiful and her tragedies were frivolous. This latest tragedy was no doubt another in a list of guys who didn’t call or a store that was out of size ‘0’.

“You know how I always wanted to be a model? I had my first audition and got a job…”

“Of course you did,” said Sasha.

“As a model for Government Motors working at the auto show. I was modeling their new sports car, the Pinta. I was supposed to pretend to drive the car on stage. The car rose up from beneath the floor as I sat behind the wheel. I remember one of the tech guys saying something about the battery being connected, but you know I know nothing about cars.

“I put my feet on the pedals. For some reason it had three of them, and the thingy that puts the car in drive was really loose, so I pushed it into ‘1’.

“It’s called a standard,” said Sasha.

“Oh. Well, I accidentally pushed the start button and the car started. My high heels got stuck in the floor mat and it lurched off the platform. I think I ran over the president of Government Motors.”

Sasha tried to mask her laugh with a cough.

“The car kept going. I tried not to hit the other cars, but it didn’t go very well. It was all so fast. I rode up another ramp and landed on the hood of a Ferrari,” said Sasha. She hid her head in her hands. “They took my license away. It was awful.”

“I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time,” Sasha said.

“I guess you’re right,” said Fairley. “And it wasn’t all bad. The president of Ferrari offered to enroll me in their driving school. If I pass I’ll become the feature model of their new ad campaign.”

“Are you kidding?” said Sasha, dumbfounded.

“I know. It’s so much pressure,” said Fairley.

Sasha suddenly rose to her feet. “I need to go. I don’t feel very well.”

“Oh. Well, I hope you feel better,” said Fairley warmly.


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2 Responses to Beautiful People and Their Tragedies

  1. Pat Lockie says:

    This is just to funny. Was she a blond? That would be even funnier.

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