A Sad Tail

For Sylvia and Janet, this year’s summer camp had a huge perk. His name is Geoff. He was working as the camp maintenance guy for the summer. He was a college student. And, most importantly, he was dreamy.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know they existed. It wasn’t for lack of effort on their part. They wore their cutest outfits to the beach. They wore more make-up than the did back home. They spent their spare time following him around camp. In another time and another place it’d be called stalking. At camp they called it orienteering. Nothing worked. At best they’d get a smile and wave. Desperate times called for desperate measures. They hatched a plan.

Sylvia and Janet sold half their tuck money to Jimbo Magillicuddy to catch a squirrel. Jimbo was easily the creepiest kid at camp. That was mostly because he was a serious camper. While every other teenager clung to the last vestiges of civilization, Jimbo wholeheartedly embraced nature.

Using the skills he’d learned watching Bear Grylls, Jimbo caught a squirrel and brought it to the girls’ cabin. He carried it in a makeshift cage made of birch twigs. Janet and Sylvia were excited. This would be sure to get Geoff’s attention.

“Leave it here and go get Geoff. Tell him there’s a squirrel loose in the girls’ cabin,” said Sylvia. By this time other girls had joined their scheme.

“Okay,” said Jimbo as he released the squirrel. It immediately sprang for freedom.
“What’re you doing?” said Sylvia. Jimbo laughed as he left.

The next few minutes were a blur. The squirrel raced around the cabin, desperate for escape. It was accompanied by a soundtrack of screaming teenage girls. One girl picked up a broom and swung it wildly in self-defense.

In a flash of lucidity, Janet opened the door, hoping to free the terrified creature. The squirrel leaped toward the light.

“Don’t let him go,” screamed Sylvia. “Geoff’s coming.”

The two girls fought each other over the door as the squirrel made a dash for freedom. Sylvia overpowered Janet and slammed the door. There was a silence. The squirrel’s tail was still in the cabin. Janet slowly opened the door to release the creature. It was gone. Only the tail remained. The cabin resumed it’s screaming. Geoff arrived and removed the tail. Neither of the girls had the courage to look Geoff in the eye.

After he left, Sylvia and Janet sat dejectedly on their bunks.

“Poor little thing. Do you think it’ll grow back?” said Sylvia.

Janet looked a Sylvia with tears in her eyes. “Let’s never speak of this again,” she said.

“Not a word,” said Sylvia.

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