Rescued- a review

Donna Dawson is an idealist. She wrote her novel Rescued (Word Alive Press, ISBN 978-1-77069-129-2) as a way to resolve one of the fiercest debates of the Western World. Abortion polarizes. Most people are on one side or the other. And they hold to their position with radical fervor. Dawson believes in a third way. Through Rescued, she presents an innovative response in the hopes of defusing the explosive debate.

The story revolves around three figures: Daphne, pregnant woman in peril, Charlene, a woman who desperately wants a child and a scientist who holds hope for both women. The tension lies in the fact that the world is not ready for Dr. Steadman’s innovation.

Idealism is a hard sell. A post-modern, morally relative society rejects idealistic concepts. Yet that’s what also makes Donna Dawson’s novel so compelling. Society need idealists. They need innovators. They need people to challenge old, entrenched positions. Donna uses fiction as the medium to teach the world an alternative to the old abortion debate. Whether or not it’s a viable solution remains to be seen.

Rescued is worth the read. It challenges both sides of the issue. It makes people uncomfortable. Readers are forced to rethink an old debate. It’s nothing less than revolutionary. In a society polarized by entrenched, hostile attitudes, a little revolution is good.


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