The Big Mo

“It’s all about momentum,” said Sven, the ski instructor.

Lana stood tenuously on her skis and looked down the steep mountain slope. She could feel her heart pounding beneath her ski suit. She thought to herself, who learns to ski when they’re forty?

“Yep, it’s all about the Big Mo. Remember, on hills like this, speed doesn’t kill…”

“It’s the sudden stop at the end,” said Lana. Obviously he hadn’t seen Lana when she wiped out a mother and two children on the bunny hill. And who puts a lodge so close to the mountain?

“Stay positive now,” said Sven.

“Okay,” said Lana. “I’m positive I’m going to kill someone.”

“No. Remember your snow plow. Lean from side to side, back and forth. Use the whole hill,” said Sven.

“So I can hit as many people as possible?” said Lana. She looked down at all the other skiers. She wondered which one was her unsuspecting victim.

“C’mon. Be serious. Time to give it a run,” said Sven.

Lana breathed hard. “Focus,” she said to herself. Turning her skis down the slope she eased forward. Her heart leaped into her throat.

“That’s it. Let gravity do the work. Speed’s your friend,” said Sven.

Lana slid straight down the hill.

“Don’t forget to snow plow. Lean,” shouted Sven.

Lana couldn’t hear him. The sound of wind pounded in her ears. She tried to stay calm, but leaning and snow plowing weren’t working.

The trees blurred together. She passed a skier. She passed a couple more skiers.

“Use the whole hill,” she said to herself. Lana leaned hard on her right ski. Slowly she moved to her left. The snow felt hard against her ski as she struggled to stay upright.

Lana never saw the small berm of snow. She cartwheeled twice before she knew what was happening. Time slowed down. Lana noticed how blue the sky was. She wondered how many times she’d flip. For a brief moment she felt like she was the only woman on earth. It was strangely exhilarating.

On her fifth go round she somehow landed on her skis at the base of the mountain. Lana became aware of others around her. A few skiers applauded.

Lana blushed. She couldn’t think of anything witty to say, so she took a bow.


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2 Responses to The Big Mo

  1. Sounds like my first ski experience–except for the perfect landing! And WHY do they put lodges so close to the bottom of the hill? Good story!

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