Taking the Plunge

Andy knew Julie, his mom, sacrificed a lot for her children. It couldn’t have been easy for an average single mother. Being the mother of two boys as extraordinary as he and Ben, that was a whole new challenge.

Andy’s brother Ben was beyond bright. Graduating high school at thirteen, he spent his adolescence fleeing from weggies and trying to convert the water heater into a steam propelled rocket. Andy balanced his time between protecting his brother and working at a nearby pharmacy to help cover the family expenses.

When Andy turned 18 he abandoned all vestments of responsibility. He explored any and all extreme activities. His favorite hobby involved storm chasing in an ultralight.

Over time Andy felt sorry for his long suffering mother. He was touched with how she sacrificed her own dreams for the sake of her boys. Andy decided to share his reckless abandon with his mom. Ben was unimpressed.

“If you wish to engage in deleterious behavior, so be it. In truth, I quite expect you to become a Darwin Award winner. But do not involve mother,” said Ben.

Ben’s objection only strengthened Andy’s resolve. For her birthday Andy invited her to go skydiving. Much to Ben’s dismay their mom seemed genuinely excited.

Andy and Julie arrived at the skydiving club an hour before their jump. Andy was to jump solo. Since this was Julie’s first time, she jumped tandem. Her jumping partner was John, a forty-eight year old Wall Street dropout.

Andy watched as John and Julie flirted as they packed their parachute. On the flight up to altitude John’s lips remained suspiciously close to his mother’s ear. Even worse was that Julie didn’t seem to mind.

After their jump John invited Julie to dinner to celebrate her birthday. Andy left them behind and caught up with Ben at home.

“So, did you obliterate our mother?” said Ben.

“She’s fine. In fact, she went out to celebrate taking the plunge,” said Andy.

At that moment Julie arrived with John. She was giddy.

“John and I got married,” said Julie.

Ben and Andy stared at each other in complete shock.

“That was one heck of a plunge,” said Ben.

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