The Bedtime Parable

Billy and Sally were tucked in their beds for the night. They finished their nighttime routines and their dad was about to turn off the lights.

“Daddy, will you tell us a bedtime story?” asked Sally.

“Yeah daddy, tell us a story. Pleeeease,” said Billy.

Dad hesitated at the door.

“Okay,” said dad, to the cheers of his two young children. “I’ll tell you a parable, okay?”

The children sat up their beds in expectation of this rare treat.

“This is a story about Jimmy. Jimmy’s dad owned a very successful junk yard. People would come from miles around to buy parts from Jimmy’s dad. That’s because Jimmy’s dad specialized in rare and exotic junk cars.

“When Jimmy was old enough, he started working for the family business from the bottom up, first doing yard work. But Jimmy didn’t enjoy the junk business. He dreamed of becoming a great artist. When he worked in the yard he’d look for pieces of old cars he could use for his sculptures. He learned how to weld so he could build them in his spare time.

“Jimmy created intricate sculptures of beautiful flowers and animals, all from old, useless car parts. At first Jimmy’s dad was pleased with his son’s initiative, roaming through the yard and leaning how to weld. When he learned what his son was actually doing, he became upset.

“Jimmy wanted to show his dad the power of his art. He worked even harder and made better sculptures. They were so beautiful, in fact, that an art gallery wanted to put on a exhibit of his work.

“The week of his exhibition came. Jimmy was so excited. He invited his dad to the opening night, but his dad never came. He didn’t come to the second night either. Or the third. Jimmy was crushed.

“On the last night of the exhibition, Jimmy was sad. Everyone loved his art, everyone but his dad. Then, without warning, his dad walked through the door of the art gallery.

“Silently and slowly his dad examined each sculpture. When he’d seen every piece, he approached Jimmy. He put his massive hands on his son’s shoulders and looked him squarely in the eyes. ‘You make beautiful art,’ he said.

“Jimmy’s eyes welled up with tears. ‘Thanks, dad,” he said. ‘Have you sold any?’ asked Jimmy’s dad. ‘No,’ said Jimmy. ‘I’ll see you at work tomorrow,’ said Jimmy’s dad, then he left the art gallery. The end,” said dad.

“What’s the moral?” said Billy.

“Ah yes, the moral. Here’s the moral: dreams don’t pay the bills, so chose something that’ll make you a living, ‘cause you won’t be mooching off me the rest of your lives. Good night,” said dad as he switched off the light and tromped down the hall.

The children sat in silence.

“Billy,” said Sally.

“Yeah?” said Billy.

“Daddy tells the scariest bedtime stories,” said Sally.

“Uh huh,” said Billy.


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2 Responses to The Bedtime Parable

  1. That is soooo like a Dad.

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