The Secret Affair

Wednesday is comic book day. Bill visits the comic book store at 12:30pm every Wednesday without fail, just to make sure his favorite comics don’t sell out before he arrives. In truth, Wednesday at 12:30pm is his favorite time of the week. That’s because she’s there, waiting for him. Bill is in love.


Serenity is the Princess of the planet Luzmor and Guardian of the Amulet of Mystic Energy. She is the leader of the Imperials, a league of superheroes who’ve sworn to protect the galaxy from the minions of Mohund, the Destroyer of Worlds. Bill owns every issue of every comic that includes Serenity in it’s story. Serenity is brilliant, wise, beautiful and deadly. In a word, she’s perfect. She also has the costume and body shape typical of most comic book heroines. 


A love affair with a fictional character is not without it’s challenges. It’s a secret he keeps carefully guarded. Most of his colleagues believe his Wednesday afternoon excursions to be wildly passionate events. The mystery surrounding them only adds to the legend Bill has inadvertently created. A few of this female coworkers long to experience the romance they imagine Bill shares with his mysterious lover. The few who actually made overtures found Bill to be gentle and gracious in his rejection.


Real women are okay, but they do not measure up to Serenity.


What attracts Bill to Serenity is the ideal, the yearning for what’s beyond his grasp. There is no escaping the fact that she is an illusion. Bill will never meet his true Serenity, but then again, the true Serenity would never live up to the myth. But that’s what fuels his passion. It’s the excitement unrequited hope, the excitement of what he discovers every Wednesday at 12:30pm.

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There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I
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