The Playoff Ritual

Lucy grew to hate hockey. There was a time growing up when she used to love watching hockey with her daddy. They spent hours watching their beloved Senators. Those times were some of her most cherished childhood memories.

All that changed when she married Quinn. When they first met, Lucy thought it would be fun to cheer for the Senators as a couple. And for the regular season it was fun.

Since the team wasn’t very good, they didn’t make the playoffs. Lucy didn’t learn Quinn’s dirty little secret until their third year of marriage.

What Lucy didn’t know was that Quinn had a playoff ritual. As long as the Senators were in the playoffs, Quinn refused to take off his socks. Ever.

Unfortunately, during the first playoff run of their marriage, the Senators went all the way to the Stanley Cup finals.

It was the longest two months of Lucy’s life. Desperation blossomed during the conference finals. With the Senators up 3 to 1 in the series, Quinn took to waving his lucky socks at the TV. The odor was so putrid the dog hid in the basement.

Lucy arranged an intervention. She called all Quinn’s friends over to watch game six. At seven o’clock they assembled in the living room for Hockey Night in Canada. As she expected, Quinn flaunted his lucky charms.

Instantly, his friends pounced. It took six guys to hold him down.

As Lucy removed his socks, Mark screamed. “No! Don’t, not my socks. Don’t peel off my socks. We need them! No!”

Once removed, Lucy tossed them in the fireplace. They nearly exploded when she lit them up. Quinn cried as they burned.

The Senators wound up losing in the finals. Quinn was convinced it was all because of that fateful night when his wife and friends betrayed him.


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  1. Ha ha! That is awesome.

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