The Angels Who Announced Christ’s Birth

I must admit, when reading the story of the angels and the shepherds in Luke chapter two, I’ve always tended to focus more on the shepherds. This year, the angels grabbed my attention. It was like reading the Scripture with new eyes. Here’s what I saw.

When the lone angel spoke, he was truly profound. He tells the shepherds that the child is the savior, the Messiah, and the One True God.

He has come to save humanity from itself- it’s sin, it’s selfishness and rebellion

He has come to be the the Messiah- the anointed one, who speaks the very words of God like Moses of old.

He is the Lord- the name he uses is the Old Testament name of God himself.

More than this, the angels also explain to the shepherds why Christ came. They said, “Glory to God in the highest.” Christ came to bring glory to God. His presence, his ministry, and his sacrifice bring glory to God. His redemption brings glory to God. Everything does, everything he says is for the purpose of reflecting God’s glory.

The angels also say “Peace to men on whom his favor rests.” Christ brings peace. Peace with God. Only when we have peace with God can we have peace with each other. Christ shows us the way.

The angels came with a message. It not only changed the shepherds, it changed the world.


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