The two walked side-by-side through the park. Large, fluffy snowflakes fell gently around them. It was as though they were the only two people on earth.

“I love the silence of snow,” said Blake. “Isn’t it amazing how quiet the world is when it snows like this? Everything’s so still and peaceful.”

Leia raised an eyebrow and cocked her head. “Actually, the individual snowflakes combine to dampen the ambient sound waves causing a noticeable change in volume. I certainly wouldn’t consider it amazing. I consider it a welcome respite from the usual assault of noise pollution.”

“Don’t you think it’s romantic?”

“I suppose,” she said.

“When I was little, I used to collect falling snow on my tongue,” said Blake.

“You must’ve fallen under the misconception that snowflakes are sanitary because they’re white. Studies have shown that brighter shades of white lead to an assumption of purity. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Blake sighed. He wondered why his sister, Lori, would set him up on a date with this woman.

“So, how do you know my sister?” he asked.

“Technically, I don’t. Your sister and my sister, Brittany, are friends. They work together in the fraud division at Royal Bank.”

“I don’t get it. Then why set us up together?”

“When the idea was presented to me, I approached my sister with the same query. She explained that this is an experiment based on personality studies they were performing at work. Their hypothesis is that opposites do, in fact, not attract.”

“Nice. Very nice. I love being used as a guinea pig,” said Blake as he kicked at the snow in frustration. “Wait. If you knew what was going on, why go along with it?”

Leia looked away.


“The truth is, I held their proposal in contempt when it was first presented. Then I was reminded that it’s been twelve years sine my last real date. I know it must sound pathetic, but I was drawn in by the hope of an evening meaningful social interaction. I’d understand if you want to end our date at this point,” said Leia.

Blake thought a moment, then laughed. “I’ve got a great idea. Let’s blow their little theory to bits. I say we go out to dinner, have a great time, then when we see Lori and Brittany tomorrow, we tell them we eloped.”

The two laughed.

“That sounds like a plan,” said Leia as they walked off into the fallen snow.

Behind a nearby tree, Brittany and Lori watched the couple as they faded into the snow. Just before they disappeared, Leia looked back in their direction and nodded.

“D’you think our plan worked?” asked Brittany.

“Like a charm, Brit. Like a charm.”


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There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I
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3 Responses to Opposites

  1. lacolem1 says:

    Nice story. Opposites finding attraction out of a bit of spite.

  2. Good one, Vanyieck! I think it’s true. (And I do like the peace that a new snow brings.)

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