The fire spread rapidly. Chuck was trapped in the copy room of his office, no where to turn. Suddenly, crashing through the flames and debris came a flash. It was Stupendous Man! He burst through the fire to find Chuck clinging helplessly to a photocopier.

“Have no fear, citizen. I’ll save you,” said Stupendous Man.

“No. I want to save myself,” replied Chuck.

Stupendous Man laughed. “You can’t. The whole building’s about to collapse. Here, let me save you.” He reached out his powerful hand to grab Chuck.

“Get your hands off me,” shouted Chuck. “I’m not joking. Give me some of your super powers and I’ll do it myself.”

“I think the smoke’s made you delusional,” said Stupendous Man.

“I’m not delusional. I believe in equality. Why should you have all the super powers? Everyone should have a right to them.”

“But my powers come from the radiation of Zebulon, my home planet. Combined with the radiation of Earth’s yellow sun I became Stupendous Man,” explained the bewildered superhero.

“What? Are you racist agains Humans? Look, I refuse to conform to the elitist imperialism of your planet. Here on Earth we believe in equal rights. Your powers are a clear case of abuse of power. Your unwillingness to share your super abilities violates my right to better myself.”
A portion of the ceiling fell, narrowly missing Chuck.

“This is all very fascinating, but can we continue this after we’re safely away from the building?” asked Stupendous Man.

“Oh, you’d like that. Avoid the issue by deferring the discussion to a later date. By then it’s all be swept under the rug,” said Chuck.

“What kind of office is this?” asked Stupendous Man.

“A law office.”

“Sorry, my mistake. I thought this was an accountant’s office. Well, good luck then,” said Stupendous Man as he flew off through the smoke.

“How typical,” said Chuck, just as the building collapsed.

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  1. kittyjane says:

    Haha 😀 Too cute

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