The Glitch

Jack Bendon drove to work hoping the IT guys fixed his computer. He arrived to find the president of the company along with the IT guys waiting for him at his cubicle.

“Good morning, Jack,” said Damian Sincerbox, president and founder of Compservuware.

“Good morning, sir,” said Jack, meekly. “Is there a problem?”

The IT guys shuffled about uncomfortably.

“Yes and no,” said Damian. “The good news is our boys have discovered the source of your computer problem. The bad news is that you’re the glitch.”

Jack looked sincerely shocked.

“You had to see this coming,” said the first IT guy. “I mean, really.”

“As a final check of your system the guys brought in a six year old kindergarten student,” said Damian. “She did your job better than you do. And she didn’t have a single problem.”

The second IT guy blurted out, “And you deleted five months of financial records that cost the company,” he conferred with IT guy number three, “over six hundred thousand dollars in government fines!”

“Don’t forget the time he brought a super soaker to the office,” said the first IT guy.

“I thought it’d be a fun way to clean the screens,” mumbled Jack.

“Not to mention that in all my years of working IT I’ve never heard of a computer contracting the West Nile Virus,” said IT guy number three.

“That was a practical joke the others played on me,” said Jack. He took a step toward the exit.

“You’ve been with the company what? Seven years?” asked Damian.

“Almost eight,” said Jack.

Damian nodded his head in agreement. “You need to be placed in a position where you can’t do any more harm to our systems.”

Refusing to look up Jack asked, “Am I being fired?”

“Fired? No,” said Damian. “I’m promoting you to vice-president. Congratulations.”


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