Infection of the Heart

June Rees was a brilliant woman. Brilliance is often applied to people who shouldn’t receive the accolade. That isn’t true for June. A pioneer in the field of infection control, June developed unprecedented, effective techniques to battle c. difficile outbreaks in hospitals world wide.

Everything in June’s life was modern and immaculate. Her condo was white. No accent color, simply minimalist and white. It was the esthetic to compliment her meticulous cleanliness.

That’s why it was a shock when June told her family and friends that she was marrying Bud Chisum. Bud was a man’s man, the kind of guy that would match Ernest Hemingway drink for drink. Bud was a professional big game hunter, with big guns and an even bigger ego. No one was sure what attracted him to June that fateful September evening while attending her cousin’s wedding. “The heart wants what the heart wants,” was all June would say.

June’s flight arrived from London at 4:30 Friday afternoon. Her new husband had been away leading an elephant hunt in Borneo. A Borneo Pygmy elephant went rogue, killing 24 and Bud was brought in to eliminate the problem. June hoped to meet up with Bud after his safari.

She pushed open the door and dropped her luggage. Muddy boots were splattered all over the foyer. Coats covered in sweat and Borneo lined the hallway. June could feel her chest seize. Reaching the kitchen, her heart stopped altogether. Blood and animal parts made it look more like a crime scene than a kitchen. All June saw was salmonella, bacteria and germs.

“June, s’at you?” called a voice from the living room. June wanted to escape.

“Me’n the boys needed to dress a small antelope in the kitchen. Don’t worry, we’ll clean it up when we finished our beer,” said Bud.

“Where is the rest of it?” June whispered to herself.

“Careful in the bathroom. We had to hang it in the shower, just so y’don’t freak out,” said Bud.

Tears formed in June’s eyes. Love may want what it wants, but nobody warned June that love is also criminally insane.


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2 Responses to Infection of the Heart

  1. Pat says:

    Loved this and it made me smile. Love your shorts. Neat and funny.

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