White Chapel

Dane enjoyed visiting the White Chapel cemetery. It was quiet and filled with the only kind of people he really liked. A cemetery is a work in progress. It changes nearly every day. Each time Dane visited White Chapel he looked for something new. He figured it was no stranger than those people who read the daily obituaries in the newspaper.

Dane wasn’t the only one visiting the cemetery. Family members, loved ones, even other misanthropes wandered the manicured lawns of White Chapel. Visiting a cemetery was like exploring history. Each headstone represented something essential to life. Dane’s world existed only because of the people represented in each grave. Dane wondered if he should thank them or blame them for the mess they left behind.

Of all the graves, one was Dane’s favorite. Louis Nash, born November 2nd, 1879, died April 16th, 1956. Two things intrigued Dane about Louis Nash. His occupation was chiseled into the stone: escape artist. Beneath that was written “One Last Escape”. The other thing that made this grave so interesting was the stone bench placed at the foot of the grave. On it was the words “You may as well enjoy the wait- Louis”.

Who ever he was, Dane thought, he’s still more interesting that most of the people left on the sunny side of the sod. How sad is that?


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