The Reason Why Ed Should Never Be A Father

The other week I met with Ed for our usual Saturday afternoon coffee. Ed told me a story as I sat down with my mocha latté.

“I saw a Volkswagen TV commercial where a kid that looked just like my nephew used temper tantrums to get what he wanted,” said Ed. “As an adult he test drove a Volkswagen and was about to throw another tantrum when the salesman slid him a contract for the car.

“Yesterday I was out with my nephew. He started throwing a temper tantrum because he wanted ice cream. I thought, hey, I’ve seen this before. So I took him to the dealership and locked him in the trunk of a Volkswagen.”

It was then that I knew Ed should never have children.


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7 Responses to The Reason Why Ed Should Never Be A Father

  1. Austin says:

    But I like the way Ed thinks… 🙂

  2. Yeah, I sort of go both ways on this. Out of the box thinking mixed with in the trunk thinking. I don’t know what I should be thinking.

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